Ahhh the irony of it all

The dead tree version of al-Herald has  on page B1 the massive headline "Sleaze sees Blair's ratings plunge" meanwhile over at Stuff we have "Scandals not the trick, says Brash"
Oh the irony, back in the UK extramarital affairs bring down ministers and lower ratings in widdle old NZ, ministers bashed kids, bash protestors, piss in hotel corridors, drive drunk, file false declarations, rort immigration and a Prime Minister who commits forgery and cruises the countryside like an African dictator barely registers and dents their popularity not a bit. Oh and don't forget they thieved from us to fund their election campaign.
New Zealand needs to get a grip we have a venal and corrupt government that has also seen to it that most of the civil service and the police are as venal and corrupt as them. 

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