Auckland City Council wins award

But not a good one.
The Skeptics Society at the Randi Foundation have awarded Auckland CityCouncil a Pigasus Award.Pigasus
[quote]Category #2, to the funding organization that supported the most useless study of a supernatural, paranormal or occult claim: We honor the Auckland City Council of Auckland, NZ for providing the Foundation For Spiritualist Mediums (FSM) with NZ$2500 (US$1800) of taxpayers' money to teach people to communicate with the dead. To quote one FSM councilor, "There are a lot of people who have problems communicating with the spirit world and don't know how to deal with it." Fortunately, some council members objected to this expenditure and had the amount reduced from the original NZ$4500. The defending members supported the decision as contributing "to Auckland city's community vision." Well, if they're already having visions, perhaps they don't need the assistance of the FSM.[/quote]
Hurray for Mayor Hubbard, putting Auckland on the international stage!!!

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