Choudary still a hypocrite

In todays Herald Ashraf Choudrays says;
[quote]he viewed SkyCity as more of an "entertainment" business. He said he did not gamble himself and did not think he was conflicted by holding shares in a gaming company.[/quote]
Mr Choudary should refer to my previous post…it doesn't matter what he thinks…..SkyCity not only has gambling but also "intoxicants (all kinds of alcoholic drinks), and Al-Azlam (arrows for seeking luck or decision)" which according to the Qur'an are an abomination of Shaytaan's [Satan's] handiwork.
I fail to see how Mr Choudary can continue to claim he is a devout Muslim, hypocrite definately but devout Muslim no way.
Choudary also states in Stuff;
[quote]He laughed off any suggestion that the investment could conflict with his religious beliefs. Owning or running a casino might be prohibited, but "I don't gamble and have never gambled in my life. I only bought about 1000 shares and buying shares is not prohibited in Islam."[/quote]
Sorry to have to point out to you Mr Hypocrite, Islam actually does forbid owning shares especially the type you have.
[quote]stocks/shares may belong to companies that are fully compatible with the Shari'ah in establishment and all activities such as Islamic Banks, to companies whose main and major business is forbidden such as conventional banks or Las Vegas type entertainment companies, or to companies whose main/major business is permissible but their articles of incorporation allow them to undertake activities that are prohibited in the Shari'ah and their management actually do such activities. The principle must be that it is also prohibited to buy and own such a stock because by doing so the owner becomes in fact a partner in the company whose management take up prohibited activities on behalf of all its owners as their deputed officers. In other words, the management acts as your agent, this means, you are doing this prohibited activity.[/quote]

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