Clark just can't resist sticking her nose in

Clark just can't resist her classic socialist busy-bodiness. She is again trying to influence supposed independent governmental bodies into clearing one of her wayward ministers. She has become so Muldoon-esque it is not funny. In fact I think I will now refer to her actions as the Clark Doctrine.
David Farrar and Ian Wishart report further developments in Clarks brazen attempts to influence justice.
This government surely must be the most corrupt ever, certainly in this country but now rivalling the goings on in Italy and many South American "democracies".
Not only has the government debased itself it has also dragged the civil service down with them. The civil service is now so horribly compromised that the only recourse will now be massive purges on a change of government. How else will you be able to rely on the civil service that has been so horribly corrupted by the Clark Doctrine of government. 

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