ex-Labour MP tries to subvert council

Richard Northey, obviously acting on instructions from She who must be obeyed tried to cut short any public consultation on so-called congestion pricing models by suggestion exactly what Cullen and Co want more taxes.
Unusually Bruce Hucker disagreed with Northey and sided with embattled Mayor Hubbard.
However the true reasoning behind all of this bullshit is revealed by Hubbard at the end of the news article.
[quote]By offering to raise money locally through road-pricing, Auckland would make it more politically acceptable for the Government to inject more funds for the region's transport needs.[/quote]
Oh, so Dick let me get this straight, despite the fact that Aucklanders pay more tax, delivered victory to the labour party in the last election, have a completely poked public transport system, massive underfunding in the past on our roading infrastructure, inept councils who cancel much needed roading plans for political expediency it somehow has to be politically acceptable to inject more funds on our woeful road.
Well knock me down with a feather, am I the only person who can see that the answer to congestion is not more taxes but better roads. 
All viable public transport solutions for Auckland utilise buses, and what do they run on…..duh!!! roads!! Stop carping and pandering to Wellington and demand our roads are built now. 

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