Fran O'Sullivan fights a battle she is going to lose

Fran O'sullivan has decided to finally show her colours and offer a wimpy excuse as to why she wimped out publishing the Doonegate documents.
Bizarrely she accuses fellow bloggers Sir Humphrey's and also Investigate of not providing the originals. AL at Sir Humphrey's refutes this as does Investigate.
In fact both AL and Wishart go on to slay the silly cow and show up her obvious shortcomings as a so called journalist.
O'Sullivan has unwittingly fallen foul of the new phenomenon in the media, blogging.
She can only answer in a paper at least only once a day, bloggers on the other hand can provide evidence, retorts, responses as many times as a day allows. Blogger also have contributors who provide their expertise as well. Witness Rathergate and destroying of Dan Rathers career by bloggers.
O'Sullivan may well be on her way down the same path.
Newsflash Fran!!!…you can't win this battle, nor will you win the war. Blogging is here to stay despite you pathetic plaintive cries.

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