Gareth Morgan gives away his millions

I have refrained from commenting on this until now because I have been enthralled by listening to Talk-Back wankers bleating on about it.

I have nothing but admiration for Gareth Morgan in creating something positive with his wealth .

I know many wealthy people who make other look positively sick with the amount of giving they do. On top of that many of them also have state enforced "giving" imposed on them. However laregley they are structured in such ways as to eliminate altogether state imposed giving. They still nevertheless continue to give and in most instances give far more than they would ever have paid in tax.

Certainly it is worth noting that the number of Conservative and Capitalists philanthropists far out number the Socialist ones. In fact the figures would be truly astounding in favour of the capitalists.

I noted on another blog that someone made a similar statement and qualified it with the note that Socialists by and large do not know how to create wealth in the first place and therefore are never in a position to give anyway unless they first took it from the wealth creators in the first place.

A case in point is Jordan Carters pithy party political justification of creating large numbers of new middle class beneficiaries . Clearly Jordan fits into the wealth stealer rather than the wealth creator category.


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