Helen Clark – add hypocrite to her CV

The government has cut funding to PlunketLine thereby placing the final nail in the coffin for PlunketLine.
However this in stark contrast to all of her previous electionerring surrounding PlunketLine.
[quote]"We see real value in Plunketline, and we want it to receive Government funding". Helen Clark 1995 to Plunket Society conference[/quote]
[quote]"The service (Plunketline) is established and the demand for it is overwhelming. It deserves support." Helen Clark 1995 speech to Plunket Society[/quote]
[quote]"I want to make a special plea for government funding of Plunket Line. It was Labour's policy to fund it because we have been very impressed by the service. With more funding to operate more lines with more nurses, it could have been even better… But would it not be tragic if the result of cutting back on Plunket Line's hours or its closure altogether was to be an increase in the number of infants' and children's deaths or near misses with illnesses like meningitis? Plunket Line does deal with real emergencies and with situations which if not dealt with speedily could become emergencies," ­- Helen Clark (April 1997[/quote]
Labour shamefully announced this funding cut on a Friday night immediately before a Parliamentary recess.

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