I have a confession to make

I, a longtime Microsoft advocate has been playing with Linux and have fallen in love.
Specifically I have on the recommendation of a geek friend of mine been playing with Ubuntu .
This thing rocks, I have now got my PC dual booting and have spent more time in Linux than XP over the past month. The product is stunning in its simplicity to set up, actually even easier than OSX which was a breeze.it comes pre-packaged with everything you really need all for free.
Ubuntu 5.10 includes the following applications;
  • OpenOffice , is compatible with Microsoft Office, so you can easily exchange documents with friends and colleagues who still use Windows and Microsoft Office.
  • Firefox , easily the best browser around.
  • Evolution , an excellent email and calendar application (although being a Gmail convert I don't use this)
  • The Gimp , for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring.
  • software for databases, web serving, email hosting and DNS name serving, internet cacheing and directory services. Ubuntu also includes Samba for Windows file sharing, FTP server software for large file repositories and NTP for network time services.
  • Ubuntu can be installed in a minimal server configuration optimised for datacenter servers that will not be used as desktop machines.
Even more impressive is they have distributions for 64 bit PCs and a Mac version…I am still to work out out to dual boot the missus' Mac yet.
I think I am in love and may soon make the complete transition away from the sordid world of Microsoft.
I am presently building a Ubuntu Server and Squid Web proxy server as well so I am starting to look a little pale and wasted. the best thing about these are the poxed out shitters I am revitalising.
Next steps will be firewalls and mail servers….yee haa….Open source rocks.

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