My, my don't the Act weinies get a little upset

Last week I called Rodney Hide a chicken, that was difficult actually, do you know how hard it is to spell chicken noises?
Anway my call still stands, Rodney, or at the very least his minders are chicken. Braaaack, braaaak, Bu-GAWK!!!!.
Well that little article sparked a little debate over at Farrars, and boy are the little Act weinies upset. Aaron single-handedly dispatches their feeble attempts at covering up the schreeching of the barnyard chickens.
The fact remains weinies YOU challenged Richard Worth, YOU withdrew. End of story. Period. Braaaack, braaaak, Bu-GAWK!!!!.
Now don't take me for a supporter of Richard Worth because I patently am not, I don't even like the guy, but at least he said bring it on. Act on the other hand are the kind of guys who brag they won the knife fight…… a hundred metres.

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