Oh dear, is Helen being economical with the truth again

Despite "SWMBO" playing down the inicident in parliament when Rodney "Run and" Hide raised questions the person who was rear ended by SWMBO has added her two-cents worth.
And surprise, surprise the details are markedly different from SWMBO's version of events.
Like way different.
  • The cars did not stop as required by law.
  • The driver of the car that hit her did not speak with her.
  • The DPS did not return by vehicle to the scene, they walked.
  • The police did not ask for her imput and accepted the input of "whomever".
I smell a cover up…..but why? On the surface there is nothing to hide here. Why would you attempt a cover up it seems ridiculous. It was an accident, so what?
The trouble is when people start obfuscating one wonders what is being hidden.

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