There is something seriously wrong at Housing NZ

The Herald has revealed that all is not well at Housing NZ.
First up they have gag order contracts in place to prevent whistle blowers. This came to light after a former civil servant was gagged from releasing details such as;
  • accounting of taxpayer money was being "manipulated" so programmes "come out on budget"
  • a senior manager in Housing NZ is aware of the accounting "manipulation" and is "encouraging it"* management reports supplied to Mr Carter are "untrue"
  • there is deliberate lack of scrutiny over invoices being sent to one particular division of the corporation
  • overspending of $2.1 million of taxpayer money was hidden and reintroduced in a later period when additional funds were available to balance the books, with accounts falsified to appear on time and on budget.
If true these are serious allegations going to the heart of corporate governance and ministerial oversight.
Then we see that Housing NZ staff are the biggest spenders (over $107,000 per month) on cellphones.
Remember there is no waste in the public sector.
New Zealand used to have such a proud tradition of respected politicians, and a honest civil service, yet it seems daily that news is breaking about government scandals, blatant law breaking by our highest elected officials and what is becoming more and more apparent rampant cronyism, corruption and outright criminal intent in our civil service.

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