Welfare a mess

Judith Collins has highlighted some significant issues with David Benson-Popes Department of Social Development.
First up, despite being capped at $52.97 a week from April 1 this year, 10,018 beneficiaries claimed an average of $74 a week for help with car repayments , compared with only 1,528 claims in 2000, when Labour first came to power.
That is a 660% increase since 2000!!! Since when has the welfare state been extended to paying for peoples personal borrowing?
Second, official papers show strong opposition to the proposed merger between Child Youth and Family and the Ministry of Social Development.
[quote]'We have considered whether the capability and operational challenges which CYFS faces would be any more easily resolved in the context of a larger organisation. We do not think they would be more easily resolved and we therefore see no reason why a merger of CYFS with MSD would necessarily assist.' – 02 Dec '05 State Services Commission Report to Minister of State Services.[/quote]
The reality is a massive cover up of a department in crisis. Officials also initially warned that the merger would cause instability at MSD and make the Chief Executive's job there unmanageable.

[quote]"This is staggering. These papers back up my view that the merger was simply a convenient way for Labour to claim it was doing something to fix a serious problem in a department that was swallowing up vast increases in funding with no appreciable gain." – Judith Collins[/quote]


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