Add this to Labours achievements whilst in Office

It looks like the governments vaunted hubba hubba programme is another spectacular flop.

Statistics released today show that despite large sums of money being expended by the government sexually transmitted diseases are actually on the rise.

  • Syphilis cases more than doubled in a 2½ year period
  • Gonorrhoea in the last year increased 45.6 per cent
  • Chlamydia cases over the last year in Auckland up 52.8 per cent
  • Bay of Plenty has the worst rates of chlamydia rates overall (286.4 per 100,000 people), 25 per cent higher than Auckland or Waikato.

Annette King said on 1 June 2005 in Parliament;

[quote]I can tell the member that an evaluation has been carried out on the programme, and it showed that 97 percent of respondents were aware of the campaign, 65 percent had discussed it with their friends, and 49 percent indicated that the campaign probably had increased the likelihood of their using condoms in the future. The number of respondents who said that they would still have sex if no condom was available had decreased from 46 percent pre-campaign to 36 percent post-campaign.[/quote]

Wonderful, Minister, even thouh you can quote wonderful statistics like that the real statistics show the abysmal failure of the multi million dollar campaign.


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