Au Contraire Councillor Stewart

Apparently my accusations fall flat . So says the Times and Councillor Stewart.
However upon reading the times some strange goings on are highlighted at the Manukau City Council. 
Lets look at this article in detail.
[quote]But the environment committee has since unanimously noted that Ms Stewart raised the issue before voting. Members agreed the relationship doesn’t constitute a conflict of interest.[/quote]
Great, how does that work? The committee, in confirming the minutes of the April Meeting, also decided to alter the minutes of the March meeting which had been confirmed the previous month, effectively re-writing history.
[quote]“I feel it’s ridiculous having to defend myself when I in fact raised the possibility of a conflict of interest to prevent an accusation like this being made,” says Ms Stewart.[/quote]
I say again, if the issue was important enough for Cr Stewart to raise it with all and sundry why didn't she ensure it was recorded in the minutes at the time?
[quote]Ms Stewart was particularly disgusted by the first Whaleoil post link to a site featuring her daughter’s profile.[/quote]
Your daughters profile is there for all the world to see simply by going to I hardly have told anyone anything she hasn't told the world already.
[quote]“It’s very interesting to note that the accuser is anonymous. He’s just trying to upset me. I would be happy to debate this issue with my accuser,” she says.[/quote]
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