Bloody Nimbys

I can't stand Nimbys. They oppose almost anything often just for the sake of opposing it.
The latest group of Nimbys to come to Whaleoils attention are a bunch of ne'erdowells are the Clevedon Cares crowd.
They seem implaccably opposed to what seems to be an outstanding development opportunity that could see their local community strengthened.
But oh no, they don't want a bar of it. This is despite what appears to be a large amount of interest in the development.
Their website doesn't even have the common courtesy of showing others what the development would like.
I reckon it would look bloody nice!!! I wouldn't even mind living there myself.
They even have the bloody audacity to say the development will affect water quality of the Wairoa River. Check out this photo and tell me if you think the water quality could be any worse. Anyone who has been out to Clevedon would certainly disagree with that statement.
Other silly things they have to say are;
[quote]Clevedon is a charming village, which has grown up on the site of an early colonial settlement. Its unique, historic character would be jeopardised if there was a sudden expansion of population in the area[/quote]
It is hardly unique being filled with clapped out shitters and one old looking barn and a couple of shops. Three Hubdre people live in this backwoods township and the development would add another 300, that is hardly a sudden expansion.
[quote]Water quality in the Wairoa River is likely to be effected by discharges from the canals[/quote]
I think they mean affected, but they neglect to tell anyone the river is currently affected by farm discharges. It is a smelly disgusting foul looking river that I wouldn't drown a cat in. If anything the development will improve the river.
A quick look at Clevedons attractions shows bugger all to do there, it begs the question, What do locals do out there except complain about development?

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