CAA another Government debacle

Just 19 days ago Harry Duynhoven was accusing Maurice Williamson of being "alarmist" over a report to the Transport select committee that was damning of CAA.

At the time Williamson described it as "shiver up your spine stuff".

My, my haven't times changed?

All of a sudden the Government, faced with yet another government department mismanagement debacle, has demanded "urgent" answers from the CAA.

What happened to the "alarmist" tag. Quietly dropped as they rush around and try to repair the damage.

And who can Labour blame for this sorry state of affairs. no one but themselves. There have been two previous reports in 1997 and in 2000 that slammed CAA, add that to the 2006 report and what has changed?

Nothing, the identified problems still occur, almost all under labours watch. Complete inaction despite two damning reports on their watch. 


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