City Councillor dismisses allegations

Sharon Stewart has come out in the Eastern Courier dismissing my allegations as mere "mean-spirited innuendo".

Apparently she asked "everybody" about her conflict of interest but so quietly that no-one in an official capacity including the minute taker heard. If they had heard surely that would be in the minutes.

Surprise, surprise no record of any such utterance.

Now I am not alleging corruption here, far from it, I am merely asking whether this looks tidy or not.

Ms Stewart says "If anybody felt there was a conflict of interest they could have said". Well, yes, they could have Ms Stewart, but the only person who could truly know whether there was a conflict there or not was you, and according to the minutes you didn't see fit to have that noted officially. If as you say it was important to you why didn't you have it recorded officially and thus avoid any possible speculation otherwise.

Committee Chair Mr Burnside also needs to have a good hard read of the pertinant legislation before uttering such inanities as "There's no way there's a pecuniary interest there".


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