Coddington gets it right on the Telecom issue

I don't normally agree with anything Deborah Coddington has to say, but having just read her opinion piece in the Herald about the Telecom unbundling issue, I can't fnd one single thing to disagree with her on.

And believe me I tried hard. Her article succinctly articulates all of my unease over this whole issue.

[quote]Using the "runaway train" argument, if state intervention guarantees competition and lower prices, why doesn't the Government just buy back Telecom's copper wire loop? Indeed, turn Telecom back into the New Zealand Post Office? That, at least, would be a more honest (if that's the word) and transparent nationalisation of private property.

Instead, the Government's taken a leaf out of National Socialism's book – leave the actual ownership in private hands but have the State dictate what private owners can do with their property.[/quote]

I couldn't agree more. Now don't take me for a Telecom apologist because patently I am not. I have fought them in the trenches in sales and usually won, I use TelstraClear for all of my Lanline and Internet services, a Florida based company for my web hosting and Vodafone for my cellphone. By and large i abhor the dominent party in any competitive arena and I certainly avoid Telecoms products and services like one avoids cancer.

Nevertheless I believe it is iniquitous for a government to wipe over $2 billion form the value of a comapny in what is really a fit of ideological pique.

What Labour has done is nothing short of theft and destruction of private property rights, and the next logical step for a party emboldened by such unbridled power will surely be Sky TV and the mobile market.

As Labour has already destroyed TVNZ it should be a cinch to completely obliterate their investment in that as well as nobble Sky TV while they are at it.


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