Council caves in on Waiheke Island parking charges

Hah – that didn't last more than six months. The high parking charges introduced into Matiatia's land have been lowered . This was after significant public outcry and a boycott by Waiheke residents after the council whacked on unannounced massive increases to the parking fees at Matiatia. The council purchased the land for $12 million plus from private developers. and the higher parking charges were meant to reflect partial cost recovery for the land purchase.
Now its pretty clear that the Mayor needs the few thousand votes on Waiheke for re-election, and is foisting the cost of servicing the Matiatia purchase from Isthmus ratepayers.
The gutless wonders at Auckland City can't seem to make their minds up – cut the Queen Street trees down, let them stay. Footpaths in red, then in grey. The Suffragette's memorial is to be destroyed, now its going to be polished up. The Speedway is to shut down, now its to stay. Rates to be lower than last year, instead they go up. Hucker's a goner, but he's still Deputy Mayor 18 months into the term.
The next time the Mayor says he has a vision, he's really telling you he hasn't got a bloody clue what to do next.

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