From an email – True Story

From: Gregory XXXXX

Sent: Monday, 22 May 2006 7:16 a.m.

To: Various

Subject: Stealing doesn't make you feel good

As you may already know on Friday afternoon we had two chairs stolen from out the front of the café. After I and numerous customers took the number plate of the thief I went and filed a report at central police station. After giving a detailed description of the thief and the episode that occurred I was shown a mug shot of a gentleman…sure enough it was our thief (an already wanted criminal). Even though the police had a positive match, a secure lead, basically everything that you would think that they would need to do something I was told that basically nothing would be done about it because it was two chairs and because they had a back log of other things to deal with.

Yesterday at about 10am the thief casually strolled back into the café and asked to speak to the manager, after telling me that he was the one that stole the chairs, he was here to return them because when he got home he realised it was stupid and he felt bad. He said he also wanted to return the table he stole………..after seeing the table in the back of his car I had to break the news that it wasn't ours.


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