Hands up those who have confidence in our Police.

Oh look, I think I see one hand up, there at the back….Is that you Helen?
Confidence in our Police force has taken a battering. The latest dent is their unwillingness to entertain prosecutions against the Head Girls favourite Heather Simpson.
Fran O'Sullivan has also waded into the debate. 
People I talk to now openly say that our Police are corrupt and politically motivated.
The same charge could also be levelled at TVNZ who almost alone in the MSM have labelled the leaker as a Telecom mole as if it is Telecoms fault that the leak occured. THis is clearly the line that Helen Clark has taken.
It is sad to note that Labours enduring legacy will have been to corrupt a Police force and steal an election bringing the word corruption to the fore in a country previously known for its lack of corruption.

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