Health system in crisis

Despite millions in extra funding and the assertions of the Health Minister, Health professionals are all coming out and disagreeing with the minister .
Health is in crisis.
Of course Pete "Basher" Hodgson disagrees and claims it is all a National beat up.
[quote]"It's not fair, it's not true, and it's time it stopped."[/quote]
Oh come on Pete its not like you didn't do the same in the lead up to 99.
Royal Australasian College of Surgeons New Zealand board chairman Murray Pfeifer disagrees and says the figures do not lie.
[quote]"I think there is a problem. There is a problem when there are 120,000 people in New Zealand waiting for a first specialist assessment, and a quarter of those have been waiting for more than six months."[/quote]
I predict we will see a change in the numbers fairly rapidly. The government will do what all good socialists do when the lies are seen through.
They will move the goal posts. 

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