Hell hath no fury….

…Like a Bitch scorned.
Helen Clark, not satisfied with detroying over $1 billion of corporate wealth, not to mention wiping millions of dollars off of the value of the NZ Super Fund has now taken to threatening Telecom.
[quote]The warnings were accompanied by "reminders" that the unbundling legislation was yet to go through a select committee process and could yet become even more unfavourable to Telecom.[/quote] 
In a case of rank hypocrisy she comments;
[quote]"It is completely unacceptable behaviour (to leak) but that behaviour has nothing to do with the loss of value Telecom has suffered."[/quote]
Yeah right, Helen Clark is the original leaker, those words may in fact come back to haunt her. Imagine Question Time. How does the Prime Minister reconcile her statement "It is completely unacceptable behaviour (to leak)" with her previous statement "By definition I cannot leak"?
I reckon Telecom has done a number on her. By first saying the documents were destroyed, telecom allowed Helen Clark to goes all indignant and shrill about the leaker, she shreiked very loud about having a witch-hunt inquiry. Then, whoopsy, "Did we say destroyed, oh no, What we meant to say was only the "copies" were destroyed, sorry (shrugs)". Now to ice the cake Telecom has delivered the document and the name of the leaker back to the SSC. I'd say game set and match to Telecom.
Her final comment on this fiasco leaves me bemused.
[quote]"That shows attitude and class, that's how a great company succeeds."[/quote]
First up WTF would she know about class and secondly how the fuck would she know what makes a great company succeed not having ever owned or run such a thing in her entire sorry arsed life.

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