Hey!! Yeah you!! Leave him alone

I have listened with increasing incredulity at the nasty psychosis of the New Zealand mentality in Talkback world.

I am of course talking about the frothing going on about Mark Inglis carrying on past a dying Englishman on Everst and Sir Edmund Hillary's foolish comments. 

I feel sorry for the poor bugger. He lost his legs in a climbing accident and now he is climbing Everest and some fool of an Englishman has the temerity to lie dying in front of him. How in hell is he supposed to help this guy who by all accounts is frozen to the core , has no gloves, hasn't had any oxygen for several hours? It isn't like you can fly a helicopter up there to get him. If anything stopping to check the fool out may in fact have now endangered you. 

What was he supposed to do, pick the sod up and carry him back risking your own life for a someone who is going to die anyway?

If it was me I would have done exactly the same. At 8000 metres it is all about me, me, me –  otherwise you wind up dead. In the "Dead Zone" above 8000 one little mistake usually mean you die. Run out of Oxygen – Dead, No gloves – Dead, Exhaustion – Dead, Storm – Dead…..get the picture. 

Leave Mark Inglis alone and stop the Kiwi knocking machine. 


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