Lickspittle Jordan Carter continues the spin

Labour lickspittle Jordan Carter has leapt in , probably at the bidding of the party, to the Brash lied bullshit.
He is claiming that Don Brash is unfit to lead the National party let alone the country.
His contentions are risible considering he is the lickspittle for a party of forgers, liars, bullies, and rorters.
That email as tabled in parliament could have easily been forged by anyone with even a modicum of expertise. To show it is real I would have thought showing the header information would have been relevant not some poorly formatted forgery, nocked up in Word.
This whole story is a Labour attempt to deflect eyes away from the Telecom debacle as is the Judith Collins beatup by Helen Clark. 
Of course the MSM has leapt upon the story with gusto unable to help themselves from automatically jumping to instructions from "She who must be obeyed".
The MSM fails to see the overseas influence in the Labour Party, clearly bereft of their own campaign ideas they had to seek UK advisors to tell them to bring in little pledge cards and since they couldn't follow UK advice to sell titles they decided to raid the public purse instead.
Christ almighty both lickspittle Jordan and Labour are saying he lied yet the purported email is from 2004 over a year from the election and mentions that Don is supposedly thinking about it.
So what!!! Big deal. This is simply a distraction cooked up by Helen Clark to draw attention away from their clear troubles.

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