More lies and hypocrisy from Action Hobson

In the 2004 local body election, Action Hobson made a lot of promises they didn't intend to keep. For example, most people now know that they promised to keep rates to inflation, but have voted with Bruce Hucker to massively raise rates over the last 18 months.
So it's with interest that I read in the Herald this morning that the Hobson Community Board (with Action Hobson majority) support a private cricket club increasing their use of public park space for indoor cricket nets.
Now, the team I support, C&R Now, also support the cricket nets, so I won't complain about the actual decision.
What I will point out is that in the October 2004 election, Action Hobson heavily criticised C&R Now over the plans for Windmill Park in Epsom, where the local squash club wanted to build indoor courts. Here's the promise Action Hobson made (attached as a PDF), which neatly resonated with their colleagues from City Vision (who also opposed the local squash
That is gross hypocrisy – more lies from Action Hobson, a ticket that would say anything to get into power. It's pretty awful that a ticket that would so cynically oppose a potentially good idea in 2004 would suddenly turn around and be in favour of the exact same thing in their own backyard.

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