Powhiri issue shows Labour split

The latest furor over the silly powhiri issue has shown what hapens when you pander to one set on constituents over all others and then try to assuage the others.
Helen Clark has issued an edict over powhiri that women must be able to sit in the front row during state powhiri. Now it is highly unusual that I agree with Helen Clark but this time I am with her. She can't go as far as I would like, which would be to ban the stupid things anyway, but this is about as far as she can go.
Of course her Maori MP's are either uneasy (ie lying low) or openly defying her edict. the Maori party of course is calling for a boycott.
Helen Clark now faces a dilemma, suck up to maori even though you merely only tolerate them or assuage the rest of New Zealand who are heartily sick and tired of this PC nonsense. 
The solution is of course very simple. Ban them as a complete waste of time a racially divisive.
Of course Labour won't do that and so faces the dilemma by simply sitting on the fence. One this is for sure when you sit on the fence long enough is that your balls get sore.

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