Rodney may be Dancing with Stars but his supporters are Dancing with Fairies

What a pity that the ACToids are not getting on with the serious business of politics. I mean, it must be hard being focused on New Zealand’s many social and economic challenges when your leader is more interested in showing off on a smarmy celebrity-ridden dancing show and your only other MP is currently in the on leave from Parliament to play soldiers.

Sadly, the ACToids in the NZ blogosphere are also likewise distracted and easily confused. Witness the case of former ACT candidate “Gooner”, who has made a marvelous cock-up of a post regarding National’s conference and the suppression laws, accusing Richard Worth of being disrespectful of the laws of the land.

Now I’m not championing Richard Worth, because as I’ve said on Whaleoil before, I’m not his biggest fan. But it does appear that Gooner has shot his mouth off , and quite unfairly too.

National member Aaron Bhatnagar (who was there, unlike Gooner), has pointed out that;

  1. The first remit in question was not about name suppression but airy fairy fag-arsed triplebottom line accounting (which was soundly defeated, I might add)
  2. The National delegate who was upset over the suppression mattersregarding the Louise Nichols case did not tell all present about all of the suppressed information. That’s a big lie from Gooner.
  3. Richard Worth did not support the delegate’s brief attempt to break suppression on one of the issues in the case, but did say that suppression should only be given to the victim like the USA. This is not news – Worth has been talking about changes to the NZ suppression laws for some time.
Gooner may not like Richard Worth very much and I can certainly understand that sentiment. But that’s no excuse for Gooner to make a hash of the facts on Sir Humphrey. Especially when they expect the rest of the blogosphere to believe their blog posts about Peter Doone and other political scandals they’ve highlighted. I'd expect more from a person who is a lawyer and former cop themselves to try and get the facts right.
Darksunshine who was also present may like to further corroborate the above in the comments.
Come on ACT. focus on the enemy and stop dancing with the fairies.

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  • Anonymous Sooky La-la

    I think Lucyna un-published it until Gooner had a chance to do some edits.