Sheesh, just as well that was a barrier and not a bridge, otherwise somebody may have got killed.

I smell cover-up, as does Big Dog and Michelle Malkin.
It seems that U.S. Capitol Police Officers are as light-handed with Democrats as our police are with Labour politicians.
Meanwhile, Teddy the Boozers son Rep. Patrick Kennedy has checked himself into rehab blaming prescription medication for his recent altercation with a median barrier.
"Sorry Orificsher, I mished the turn off to Chappaquidick Bridge"
Just remember folks more people have died in Ted Kennedy's car than in American Nuclear accidents.
And to steal a line from MM, "Mary Jo Kopechne was unavailable for comment."
And here is the safety warning. Do not get into vehicles, aircraft or boats driven, piloted or operated by anyone and I mean anyone with the surname of Kennedy.

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