Telecom caned by Labour

Part of me is happy about the decision by the Government to interfere in the market and force amongst other things Local Loop Unbundling.
The other part of me is experiencing dis-quiet over what is effectively state theft of private property rights.
Now don't get me wrong here, I believe the "lines" and the "numbering" should never have been included in the sale of Telecom in the first place, however was is past is past and we can't undo that. Or can we?. Looks like the government has done exactly that.
So essentially I am pleased that theoretically this will deliver faster cheaper broadband and accelerate deployment of services such as VOIP (with the added bonus not having stupid ads telling us this) but saddened that we have trod further down the path of nanny government knows best decision making. 
I say theoretically this will deliver those things better because there is clearly no empirical proof that they will be successful. 
Now if more Kiwis had put their money where their collective mouths were and embraced the competitors then we may not have seen this happen at all, the market will have simply provided it.
A quick look at my stats for the site show just how many use Xtra services as opposed to others, Now I for one abandoned telecom years ago. I purposefully moved my tolls when that was available, then when I got a mobile deliberately chose Vodafone (both better technology, compatibility for travel and not Telecom) and finally when  I could have TeltraClear for my local calling and Internet and Sky all on the one bill I was completely free of the beast.
I guess the point I am rambling towards, is that many of the ertswhile bashers of Telecom and those calling the loudest in fact are hardened telecom users themselves and have never actually given the competition the chance they deserve. 
I remain more uneasy over this than happy.

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