The Left and the Contrasts

I don't often read left wing blogs, mainly because of the utter inanities they utter.
The main two I do read though are Jordan Carters Just Left and Idiot Savants No Right Turn. Now I don't subscribe to any of their views but there is a stark difference in their style and substance.
Jordan Carter has all the feel of a shrill bugle call for anything from Dear leaders and Michael Cullens mouth. No Right Turn is reasoned if somewhat erroneous, but nevertheless reasoned.
A case in point is Jordan mocking the origin of Don Brashs wife and supposedly Nationals policy. of course what Jordan has done has opened the door on attacks of people and their private life in his own party. He also fails to note that Labours policy of the "Third Way" is also stolen from overseas including Tony Bliars nifty tax payer funded "Pledge Cards".
Idiot Savant is rightly offended and comments on his own blog. He also comments on Jordans vile piece of muck.
[quote]While Brash likes to make much of the fact that his partner is from Signapore, I don't think its the sort of thing he should be attacked over. It is, bluntly, pretty vile.[/quote]
Jordan is becoming more and more shrill as the pressure of constant bad news and shenanigins of his party gain the headlines. I am just waiting for Jordan to use his "I baited them and they reacted" test defence.
He has become so shrill, snippy, vindictive, spiteful and nasty one would think he is a raving fag throwing a hissy fit.
Oh wait he is!!!! Just remember Jordan to use your defence, "You started it"

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