What on earth is Rodney up to?

Rodney Hide has had 12,000 glossy leaflets printed urging people to vote for him and his dance partner Krystal Stuart.
I'm pretty staggered that resources, either from private or public funds,
are being applied to Rodney being kept on a dancing show instead of being used to promote his ailing party.
If these buffoons don't sort their stuff out of their own accord, then they have no right to expect National to give them an easy time in 2008, or whenever the next election is.
Sources have also informed me that the dancing show is taking its toll on the ACT party in more ways than potential embarrassment.
Rodney Hide and Heather Roy have not been present in Parliament this week.
ACT was allocated a question for oral answer today and have surrendered that question to the Maori Party. They had question 4. Thats quite astonishing when you consider how ACT have whinged constantly in the past that National should be giving some of their questions and supplementaries to ACT to enable it to get more coverage in parliament.
Yesterday they also apparently gave up their slot in the General Debate to the Maori Party. Hide was also absent with apology from the Justice & Electoral Select Committee today when it considered the 2005 Election Inquiry. He is not a member of that committee and so he had to specifically seek approval from the Business Committee of Parliament
to sit on that Committee in order to participate.
So here he is, petitioning to be on a committee that he then deigns to not turn up to, while he finds time elsewhere to go dancing and spend money on publicising his dancing competition.
By all counts, it appears ACT is retiring from politics, and going into show business.

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  • Anonymous Sooky La-la

    I’m pleased not to be an ACT member if party funds (or funds that could have been put into the party) are being wasted on promoting the dancing show. I’m sure Parliamentary funds would not be used…. would they?
    Ahh, Good old Aaron. Never missing an opportunity to lash out with innuendo to try and destroy ACT (I have never understood people who try to make themselves look good by scoring points off someone else).  You had better look affter your own party eh. They need your help.


  • Adolf

    I suggest Aaron B might be better employed managing the people who are supposed to be managing and briefing his dear leader.  Try and get them to at least give the leader a copy of key documents before the next press conference.

  • aaronbhatnagar

    I suggest Adolf F might be better employed managing the people who are supposed to be managing and briefing the ACT leader. Try and get him to at least give the leader a focus on the issues that actually affect NZers before the next election.