Who has been editing Dick Hubbards Wiki entry?

I keep on my radar screen several sites with Wikipedia , and its fascinating to see which pages get changed, by whom, and how much they get changed. Sometimes its amusing to see acts of vandalism, but also interesting to see partisan behaviour in politics. 

For example, looking at the Helen Clark edit history at wikipedia, numerous acts of vandalism have occured, some amusing, some offensive to most rational people. 

But anyway, the other day I noticed that Dick Hubbard's wikipedia entry got changed dramatically – how so you might ask? 

All references on Wikipedia to his Mayoral term were removed. Admittedly, 75% of the mayoral description was probably unfavourable to Hubbard, but arguably 100% true. 

See for yourself:

Current description


Previous edited version that removed all references to Hubbard's Mayoral term


Fascinating – I wonder who IP address is. It resolves to being a Telecom Xtra customer, which is not much of a surprise, but given the extent of the edit, I just wonder whether or not the  physical address might be the Mayor's own home ? :-)


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