Why isn't Socialism dead?

Good point you raise there Whaleoil. Why isn't socialism dead?
Well don't ask me, I am as dumbfounded as you but eminent economist Hernando de Soto, has argued in his book, The Mystery of Capital, that the failure of the various socialist experiments of the twentieth century has left mankind with only one rational choice about which economic system to go with, namely, capitalism.
de Soto has many interesting ideas but all come down to the simple premise of de Soto's belief that the only way to help the poor in the third world is to get the bloated bureaucratic state off their backs, and permit them to use their own creative initiative to do what so many poor immigrants to the USA were able to do in our past — to start out as micro-entrepreneurs, and to work their way up to wealth and often fabulous riches.
[quote]In light of the horrors brought about in the twentieth century by the revolutionary myth of socialism, it is easy to sympathize with those who believe mankind could not possibly be tempted to try the socialist experiment again. If the liberal rationalist Renan was surprised that "Socialists were beyond discouragement" at the beginning of the twentieth century, how much more surprised must his contemporary counterparts be to discover that socialism is also beyond discouragement at the beginning of the twenty-first century.[/quote]
This article at TCS is superb and although it talks about Central and North America the examples are just so pertinant to New Zealand and the rabid socialism that we are now experiencing.

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