With Friends like this….

I constantly wonder why the Greens even bother to support this pack of taudry liars and thieves espcially when they cop this lot at Question Time.

[quote]JEANETTE FITZSIMONS: Why does the Minister think buses will need more roads in the future than now, when the plan is to spend less and less of the transport budget on public transport after this year; and, anyway, can he name one major urban centre in New Zealand where existing roads would not be perfectly adequate for more buses if more people left their cars at home and used public transport?

Hon Dr MICHAEL CULLEN: The member continues to make the mistake that it is only a matter of moving people around from one place to another, rather than moving a whole range of goods and services, as well. In a modern economy, people do not all sit at home, self-sufficient—weaving their own baskets and making their own bread. In a modern economy, goods and services are swapped around, and a great deal of Auckland’s traffic consists of doing precisely that. One of the reasons for what the member is describing is that we are preserving or expanding the amount of money spent on roads; we are not reducing the amount of money spent on public transport. Members should watch this space in terms of further issues around rail.[/quote]


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