June 2006

Has Labour corrupted the Judiciary as well?

An interesting case of judicial meddling has been raised by Murray McCully in his weekly newsletter.

It appears a judge has denied access to files in the Whangamata case to National as they do not have "genuine and proper interest" in the proceedings. 

Ok fine you might say, but several days prior the same Judge also gave the media access the same files that national had asked for access to.

This is nothing short of meddling in governance of the country.

How on earth can reporters have a "genuine and proper interest" whilst opposition politicians from the highest court in the land do not?

It smacks of political meddling. 

The light at the end of the tunnel

Hat tip Andrei at Sir Humphreys

From the OMG how the fuck did that get there? files.

A Pakistani man was astonished to awake in his cell at the local prison with a pain in his bottom .

[quote]"When I woke up I felt a pain in my lower abdomen, but later in hospital, they told me this," [/quote]

Why he thought that was unusual in a prison to have pain in your bottom I am unsure,  however the light bulb that was removed from his anus definately was a surprise apparently.

Maybe he could sell the light bulb on Trademe.

Meanwhile in a court in the US a former US judge has been convicted of exposing himself by using a sexual device while he presided over court cases.

As Zentiger commented it brings new meaning to the term "banging the gavel"

More law breaking by Carter

Labour Minister Chris Carter just keeps lowering those standards already set so low by his fearless Leader.

This time the Auditor General has found that his department had failed to meet its legal obligations when it came to conservation management strategies and national park management plans.

Hmmm…."failed to meet its legal obligations" is bullshit speak for "broke the law". 

And the Minister says that it was his fault and it was worth it and he was "proud" to have done so.

What is it with this government that so encourages it to break the laws of the land…..I know they have a Police force that thinks that nothing is in the public interest to prosecute. 


Looks like we could be getting a new Energy Minister

According to reports power usage is outstripping forecasts by a considerable degree.

Worse is yet to come according to NIWA as well.

Bet David Parker is wishing he hadn't made a promise to resign if the lights went out. 

The sweet smell of success

This video is so wrong yet soooo much more funny.

Strategic Conversations, or talking utter crap

Pansy Wong has discovered a new phraseology in Government Departments. it is absolutely superb and could easily have been uttered by the immortal Sir Humphrey.

The phrase is "Strategic Coversations and here are some examples.

[quote]Ministry of Social Development:
'A less technically sophisticated evaluation that can add more to the strategic conversation is of more value than a technically sophisticated evaluation whose results may distract from ensuring the most strategic use of resources.'

Housing New Zealand:
'The result of scenario planning is not a more accurate picture of tomorrow, but better thinking and an ongoing strategic conversation about the future'.

State Services:
'The quality of the strategic conversation within government is likely to be improved as departments think more strategically about their organisational requirements and operational priorities and methods'.

Ministry of Economic Development (MED) Statement of Intent for 2006 – 2009:
'..our attention has turned to improving the quality of strategic thinking and conversations … as part of this we have … put more focus on synthesising research to distil the implications for our strategy'.

MED again:
'Thinking strategically is encouraged in all parts of the ministry … strategy review is also informed by strategic conversation … The ministry carried out a review of lessons that can be learned from the year's annual strategy review process. This involved discussions with a range of participants in the strategy review process to obtain and synthesise qualitative views on what parts of the process worked well'[/quote]

Utter twaddle and trite, Kafkaesque crap uttered by functionaries of the state on government sponsored power trips.



Cop that lot

Hat tip DPF  

A lawsuit has been filed today against Helen Clark and the other 48 Labour MPs (as at August 2005) in relations to their use of taxpayer funding for their 2005 election pledge cards.

Good fucking job. 

The lawsuit claims the expenditure on the production and distribution of the pledge card and related brochure was a breach of Article 4 of the Bill of Rights 1688, section 22(c) of the Constitution Act 1986 s.22(c) and multiple sections of the Public Finance Act 1989.

That is what I call putting my money where my mouth is. Of course this is the last thing Labour or Clark want as the media will hang around the court exploring every nuance during the course of the action.

There was a time when prison was dank and dark

Not now.

New prisons cost $650,000 per cell and have underfloor heating to keep their little tootsies warm.

How about a little hard labour to warm them up?

Since when did prisons have to be more expensive than an average house in Remuera?

What is wrong with converting old leaky shipping containers into cells?

I reckon that I could build a new prison for less than a $1 million. It wouldn't be flash , most of the cells would have some sort of leak or draft. There would be large piles of large rocks that required breaking, very high fences and nasty vivious hungry dogs patrolling the wire. Not comfortable I know, but the point is this, you definately wouldn't want to come back for more.

Cut his heart out with a spoon

Why a spoon?

Because it will hurt more.


Is it any wonder?

Is it any wonder that Maori feature so heavily in all the wrong statistics.

No wonder at all given their role models at the top end of their society.

Dover Samuels takes the cake in Maori hypocrisy. He laments that high rates of abuse of Maori children would stop only when communities agreed to blow the whistle on violent parents.

Hmmm…hate to point out to Dover dear, that abuse of children isn't just violence. It also includes having sex with someone who is 16y.o. in your "care". 

Maori will never improve while their leaders are violent , when they see their leaders theive, lie and steal their way to positions of power and when in those positions continue the thieving and extend it in some sort of nepotistic empire building exercise.

They will never while there is a culture of having your hand out for money to solve every issue.

Maori will never progress while their leaders are indolent.

Maori will never progress while there is a culture of silence, dependence, and violence full stop.