Barker must go

Civil Defence is a farce and the minister must go.

Rick Barker has shown so much ineptitude it is a wonder that Clark keeps him on, but then considering that her caucus has as much depth as a car park puddle she almost has no option.

Things will get really insane when people start asking to "bring back George" as the minister.

John Armstrong is almost derisive of Barker in todays article.

[quote] If it has seemed in recent weeks as if Civil Defence is auditioning for some modern-day version of Dad's Army, there is now a simple explanation – the ministry's officials may merely be following the orders of their minister.[/quote]

Armstrong then goes on to show exactly how inept the Minister was in the house.

[quote]Then came his reminder that when it came to Civil Defence emergencies, those who ignored the lessons of history were "duty bound" to repeat them.

He did not seem to realise quite what he had said.

But there was no stopping him. His next own-goal came from lining up Labour colleague Ross Robertson to ask him what he could do to help New Zealanders prepare themselves for getting through a disaster.

Before he could respond, the Opposition benches answered the question for him – "resign".[/quote]


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