Guyon Espiner on Clarks shit list

Predictably Guyon Espiner is on Clarks shit list after exposing Cullen for the snarky, snarling socialist that he is. However onbe couldn't predict how vindictive and nasty Labour really is over this issue.

[quote]Gerry Brownlee: Does she agree with Dr Cullen’s statements that Television New Zealand and three of the countries largest newspapers were biased in their coverage of the debate over tax cuts and were running a personal agenda in favour of tax cuts; if so, why?

Rt Hon HELEN CLARK: Dr Cullen and I would not be the only people in New Zealand who thought the media had something of an obsession with this issue.

Gerry Brownlee: Did she have any discussions with Dr Cullen following the broadcast of television footage showing him criticising a number of senior journalists for stories about tax cuts, and did she give him any counsel about the inadvisability of shooting the messenger?

Rt Hon HELEN CLARK: Yes, we did have a discussion. The main conclusion of that discussion was to not trust that particular journalist again.[/quote]



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