Here is my reply to Ayo Yasmine, scammer

After receiving his latest photo , I have replied and sent him my photo so he can recognise me when I arrive in Accra to complete the deal.

Dear Ayo,

Thank you for the photo, it is perfect.
As a show of confidence here is a photo of me with the Prime Minister and my personal Pastor at church. This will enable you to recognise me at the airport when I arrive.
I am booking into the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel it looks really nice.
I am looking forward to meeting with you.
I have a couple of questions though, Are you a christian? You look nice so I think you must be. Please let me know if you have been baptised as I prefer to deal with committed Christians.
Are there any christian churches nearby to the hotel so that I can worship and pray for a succesful deal when I arrive.
Do you play golf? and is there a good golf course nearby where we can enjoy a round or two?
Once again I look forward to meeting you in a couple of weeks.
Kind Regards

W.H. Aleoil



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