Honour our Heroes

Regulars will know the esteem that I place on our war heroes. Ordinary Kiwis (and Aussies) who gave up a part of their lives or in some instances all of their life to fight evil.

Our Government disgusts me when it refuses to honour a fellow Kiwi . Our Government disgusts me when lickspittles like Jordan Carter utter the party line with no thought of their own. Our Government disgusts me when they get even basic facts about the case wrong. Our Government disgusts me.

And to think this is the Year of the Veteran.

[quote]This Government is committed to honouring and supporting veterans, to preserving their legacy and to passing on to future generations, the lessons they learned.[/quote]

Utter, Utter piffle. Like hell this government lead by a War Protestor was ever going to honour Veterans in anyway other than with meaningless platitudes.

David Farrar puts the irksome Jordan in his place well and truly and shows him to be the petulant, churlish, mealy mouthed government vomitorium that he is.

The utter hypocrisy of it all is that The NZEdge.com website lists Nancy Wake as one of "Our" Heroes.


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