Howick Businessman leaning on competitor

Today the below letter was sent to the Eastern courier. The author couldn't name names or be more specific as he/she wanted it to get published.
For the FULL story on a rather large sized wanker see my comments below the letter to the editor, written for Whaleoil viewers only.
This long weekend I bought fish and chips from the family run Alligator's Takeaways on Botany Rd.
I was very upset to see how badly these hardworking people were being treated. Their business is under attack.
When I was there the police arrived ( not for the first time) to investigate yet another incident.
They have been forced to install a security camera and have sucessfully taken a photo of one culprit. They know his name yet have been unable to get justice.
His photo and name is on the wall in their shop.
The other culprits who are part of the ongoing percecution of these lovely people have also been caught on camera. However they always cover their faces and wear gloves while doing the damage.
I urge the person or people behind these organised and ongoing attacks to stop. You should be totally ashamed of yourselves!
Howick residents I invite you to show your support for Alligators. You may not buy their food but you can let them know that the cowards behind these attacks do not represent the majority of the Howick community.
The Unedited story:
The guy in the photo is Roger Mail, the guy who owns the Roger's Takeaway which is right beside them and in direct competition with them!
And what was he doing late at night behind his competitiors shop??
Well we can't see in the photo but co-incidentally that night like many, many others rubbish was dumped behind Alligators.
Now this COULD be just a co-incidence couldn't it, but add it to the fact that he has threatened the people at Alligators and it starts to look a lot more believable.
I believe he has a campaign to put them out of business.
They told me that they believe he is behind the late night graffiti attacks on their shop where youths get on the roof and target their sign.
Their roller door is hit so often each morning that they turn up ready to paint it before they open.
Strangely Roger's Takeway is pristine white and free of tagging, I wonder why?
The Police have been unable to do anything. These poor people feel like there is NOTHING they can do.
It GUTS me to think that they have to put up with this shit. I admire them for soldiering on and not sinking to his level.
Myself I would be oh so tempted to retaliate but they will not stoop to Roger's level.
Leave them alone you big bully. They are a family struggling to make a living. Why are you so threatened by them?
I WILL NEVER EVER buy from Roger's Takeaway. His shop front may be Graffiti free but his tactics in dealing with competition are downright FILTHY!

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