Hubbard dog tucker for sure

Mayor Hubbard can correctly and loudly be called a liar.

He has repeatedly lied about rates.

He was elected off of the back of his poor mother having to pay horrendous increases in her rates and he often stated that such increases wouldn't occur with his mayoralty.

He repeated those assertions once in office and then cynically hiked rate 9.7% in his first year. He increased his cynicism when he loudly declared that this year's rates rise would be "substantially less" than last year's.

Finally to complete his litany of duplicity over rates Hubbard council has announced a rates increase this year of 13.2% .

Utter, utter hypocrisy. I wonder what his dear mother thinks now of little Dick. 

Handy hint Dick!!! Go back to making crap cereal and leave running a city to someone who can do it. 


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