I gotta git me one of these puppies

Forget HUMMVW's, forget LAV III (Has anyone considered they are named after a toilet?), forget the bullshit Pinzgauers, this is the puppy for me.

The Cougar.

The Cougar’s v-shaped hull assists deflection of a mine or improvised explosive device blast away from the vehicle’s capsule, keeping the passengers safe and the vehicle intact. The ballistic glass with gun ports allow the passengers to engage insurgents ambush attempts without leaving the cab. The Cougar is driven by a six-speed, split-shift, all-wheel drive transmission, produced in both 4 and 6 wheel form and can be customized for multiple tasks including troop transport, mine and EOD disposal, command and control, reconnaissance, ambulance, and as a lead convoy vehicle. The Cougar is also built to roll over to absorb blast and is equipped with multi-point, motor racing harnesses, so passengers avoid injury.

Since arriving in Iraq late in 2004, the Cougar, as part of an accelerated Defence acquisition program and has been getting rave reviews – indeed, despite IEDs claiming between a dozen and five dozen American servicemen in Iraq each month, the Cougar has not yet experienced one death from an occupant – indeed, not even close.

Of course the evil Americans make these so our soft-cock nancy boy blouse of a Government wouldn't even consider them.


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