Is it any wonder?

Is it any wonder that Maori feature so heavily in all the wrong statistics.

No wonder at all given their role models at the top end of their society.

Dover Samuels takes the cake in Maori hypocrisy. He laments that high rates of abuse of Maori children would stop only when communities agreed to blow the whistle on violent parents.

Hmmm…hate to point out to Dover dear, that abuse of children isn't just violence. It also includes having sex with someone who is 16y.o. in your "care". 

Maori will never improve while their leaders are violent , when they see their leaders theive, lie and steal their way to positions of power and when in those positions continue the thieving and extend it in some sort of nepotistic empire building exercise.

They will never while there is a culture of having your hand out for money to solve every issue.

Maori will never progress while their leaders are indolent.

Maori will never progress while there is a culture of silence, dependence, and violence full stop.


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