Paranoia gone crazy

It is often said that paranoia is the first sign of madness.

Today it is has been revealed that workers in the Beehive are having their camera cellphones replaced.

The reason, Security…..utter bullshit. There is nothing either remarkable or remotely of interest worth photographing in the Beehive and certainly nothing that risks security. Believe me I know. I think this has been done so staffers can't get photos of Ministers shagging on the office desks.

Other extremely paranoid alterations to the Beehive include;

  • A new main entrance for the public has been created and visitors will now have to pass through a metal detector before being allowed in.
  • The entrance has been moved further away from the building to make it less of a target for car bombs.
  • Another entrance and bomb-resistant mail room has been created at the rear of Parliament Buildings, with a special x-ray machine through which all letters and parcels must now pass.
  • refurbished and completely sound-proofed ministerial dining room in the Beehive
Shit, if you wanted to do any harm to those plonkers you wouldn't go to Wellington to do it, you would knock them off in their decidedly unprotected electorate offices.
Of course you could always fly a plane into the building, I mean its not like anything can stop you. 

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