Strategic Conversations, or talking utter crap

Pansy Wong has discovered a new phraseology in Government Departments. it is absolutely superb and could easily have been uttered by the immortal Sir Humphrey.

The phrase is "Strategic Coversations and here are some examples.

[quote]Ministry of Social Development:
'A less technically sophisticated evaluation that can add more to the strategic conversation is of more value than a technically sophisticated evaluation whose results may distract from ensuring the most strategic use of resources.'

Housing New Zealand:
'The result of scenario planning is not a more accurate picture of tomorrow, but better thinking and an ongoing strategic conversation about the future'.

State Services:
'The quality of the strategic conversation within government is likely to be improved as departments think more strategically about their organisational requirements and operational priorities and methods'.

Ministry of Economic Development (MED) Statement of Intent for 2006 – 2009:
'..our attention has turned to improving the quality of strategic thinking and conversations … as part of this we have … put more focus on synthesising research to distil the implications for our strategy'.

MED again:
'Thinking strategically is encouraged in all parts of the ministry … strategy review is also informed by strategic conversation … The ministry carried out a review of lessons that can be learned from the year's annual strategy review process. This involved discussions with a range of participants in the strategy review process to obtain and synthesise qualitative views on what parts of the process worked well'[/quote]

Utter twaddle and trite, Kafkaesque crap uttered by functionaries of the state on government sponsored power trips.