The real reasons behind child abuse.

I have read enough pap and crap about the so called reasons behind child abuse.

I have read the details about the Kahui Twins and finally I have  had enough about this subject to call a spade a fircken shovel.

Child abuse happens not because someone is Maori, or poor or both. It doesn't happen because you were abused as a child and know no better. It certainly doesn't happen because Section 59 allows us to bash our kids with impunity.

I am so over the excuses. there are simply non that anyone can justify to me as to why some scumbags see fit to use their children as punching bags. 

And that is what they are. Scumbags. Find the perpetrators lock their sorry asses up and while they are incarcerated sterlise them as they a simply unfit to even care for a cane toad.

Anyone who obstructs the investigation , lock them up for a good long stretch until they strart to see some sense.

I am with Kerre Woodham who says;

[quote]If you know – even if you suspect – that a family member is hurting their child, dob them in. Otherwise, just like the entire Kahui whanau, the blood of those children is on your hands. [/quote]

 I am with Matt McCarten who says;

[quote]I wish the same amount of energy MPs put into controlling dogs went into controlling the two-legged mongrels who maim and kill defenceless children.[/quote]

I am with Michael Laws who says;

[quote]Every community has its weak, its rogue and its defects, and kiddie killers tend to be all three. As a rule, they also tend to prey on their own. It is a crime that appals but rarely reaches beyond its sordid origins.[/quote]


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