They say there is no waste in the Public Sector

Of course that is utter bullshit. The latest case of a waste of space is The Human Rights Commission which says some proposed changes to the Immigration Act could breach international treaties.

So what!!

In its submission the moonbats athe the HRC raised concerns that applicants would be denied natural justice and the right to a fair hearing if information about them was kept classified. And their point is?

It also feared people could be denied entry if they "glorify terrorism" — a clause that could affect freedom of expression, and that a proposal to fine airlines if they failed to stop people entering the country on false documents could impact on New Zealand's commitment to protect asylum seekers. And that is supposed to be bad? how?

Of course the Moonbats-For-The-Freedom-Of-Everyone-But-Us party otherwise known as the Greens agrees wholeheartedly and add that proposals for iris and facial recognition scans for identification were unnecessary and would move New Zealand closer to a "big brother" society. Oh Puuleeeease.


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