Trotter slams Labour – again

Chris Trotter is one of the few commentators of the left that I have always admired. I always found his articles to be somewhat sane and lucid.

Today he has attacked Labour again and boy he isn't holding back his punches anymore.

[quote]For some reason that utterly escapes me, Labour politicians are absolutely convinced they are the only people who really understand what New Zealanders need. Kiwis, generally, may be "socialists of the heart", but the movers and shakers of Labour are unwilling to put their faith in such an unreliable body part. Labour's boys and girls prefer to think of themselves as talking heads – not bleeding hearts.[/quote]

And how about this one, I pick Chris Trotter will be the next journalist villified for being "unpatriotic".

[quote]But getting real for far too many Kiwis means looking at the size of their pay packets and asking – why? Why is it so small in comparison to the pay packet of a mate of mine doing exactly the same job across the Tasman? Why does the government tax me on the very first cent I earn, when in Oz the first $5000 of income is tax free? And why does the top tax rate cut in at $60,000 instead of $80,000 – as it should do if the 39-cents-in-the-dollar rate was supposed to catch only the top 5% of income earners?[/quote]

Well knock me down with a feather, can you believe that that previous quote came from a committed socialist?

His vitriol continues unabated right to the end, for sure he will be next for the sedition hearings.

[quote]But Labour doesn't see it. All Labour sees is trouble – trouble from the media, trouble from Treasury, trouble from big business, trouble from the Australians, the Americans, the IMF, the WTO. Nothing but trouble.

And so Labour listens to its head – and ignores our hearts.

The truly remarkable fact is the government's poll ratings haven't fallen further.[/quote]


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